Hand Made Sneakers Shoes | Santoni For AMG – Start at $700

The Santoni for AMG collaboration encompasses both companies’ obsessive attention to detail that results in powerful performances –
in this case an exclusive footwear collection.


Video of Santoni and AMG Partnership

With the embossed 45 logo on its side, the A45 combines robust construction with understated flair.


As part of the men’s collection, the A45 sneaker is inspired by the A45 AMG car presented at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show. It is designed to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle, combining vintage chic with an outstanding durability that suits a busy schedule of travel, work and leisure.


Like its automotive counterpart, the A45 can be personalised to an individual’s style, available in a variety of colours and leathers.
Santoni also produces an extensive women’s collection, further demonstrating the sensitivity to beauty and elegance for which this high-end shoemaker is renowned.


The Santoni for AMG collection also includes FIA-approved shoes for professional racing.


Santoni for AMG collection is enriched by the new series of sneakers, inspired by the new Mercedes-AMG A45 car, presented at Geneve International Motor Show 2013. The A 45 AMG sees Mercedes-AMG embarking on a new era, offering a fascinating high performance vehicle in the compact class, representing an innovative proposition for a new target group: dynamic people from 30 to mid-40, in successful careers and with an independent frame of mind.

These customers are looking for a dynamic and individual vehicle, an agile and high performance car offering also an extremely broad selection of optional equipment and appointments, colours and materials. To the same urban target group Santoni proposes the new A45 sneakers: young and stylish, this line lets these people lend expression to their style and trend-oriented way of life combining together performance, comfort and outstanding details like the embossed 45 logo on the side and the vintage effect on the sole.


Proposed in mid and low version and in several colour and leather combinations,these sneakers can be easily personalized making them an individual style choice.

The site is here Hand Made Sneakers Shoes | Santoni For AMG.

And you can buy them here


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