Maria Sharapova Launches “Speedy” Gummies with Porsche

Maria Sharapova -Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2014

Tennis star Maria Sharapova, Porsche’s global brand ambassador, revealed a very special new project in Stuttgart today: “Speedy” – the latest creation of Sugarpova, Sharapova’s premium candy brand. “Speedy” is a yoghurt gummy that comes in a range of different colours. The special highlight is that the gummy is shaped in the typical shape of the iconic Porsche 911.


Sharapova, who celebrates her 27th birthday this Saturday, was visibly proud of her latest creation at the presentation of Speedy in the run-up to the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. “The 911 is my favourite Porsche because its shape is so perfect,” explained the Sugarpova founder, who is also creative director of her company. “As an ambassador of the brand, it’s thrilling for me to combine my passions in such a totally unexpected and exciting way,” Sharapova continued.

 Maria Sharapova -Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2014

Sugarpova products are intended to demonstrate the playful, trendy, and sweet side of the international tennis star by interpreting classic types of candies in her own signature style. “Speedy” – like the other fourteen gummies from Sugarpova – will soon be available worldwide at select retail stores, such as Henri Bendel (New York), Selfridges (London), Colette (Paris), and David Jones (Sidney).



Shoppers can purchase 5 oz. bags of “Speedy,” priced at $5.99 USD, by visiting

Maria Sharapova -Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2014

nitrolicious: Maria Sharapova Launches Sugarpova “Speedy” Gummies | Sugarpova.


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