Good News Bad News from Bugatti

First the bad news. The Bugatti Legends Models presented so far; all nine cars of the three models have been sold.

Now the good news, Bugatti launched the new Rembrandt Bugatti at the Geneva Car Show today, March 4th, 2014.
Press 3 Unveling

Press 1

Bugatti is continuing its six-part Edition series with the fourth Legend “Rembrandt Bugatti”. The “Rembrandt Bugatti” is the fourth Legend from the brand. To launch the “Les Légendes de Bugatti” edition last year, Bugatti presented “Jean-Pierre Wimille” at California’s Pebble Beach, “Jean Bugatti” at the IAA in Frankfurt and “Meo Costantini” at the Dubai Motor Show.


This Legend car, which like all cars in the series is based on the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, pays homage to Rembrandt Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti’s younger brother and one of the most important sculptors of the early 20th century.


One of his most significant works is the sculpture of a dancing elephant which was the radiator mascot of the famous Bugatti Type 41 “Royale.
In honour to Rembrandt´s great artistic passion this famous elephant sculpture was cast in bronze and worked as an insert into the cover of the rear centre box.


The body of the “Rembrandt Bugatti” Legend Vitesse was designed in the “horizontal split”, and is largely composed of bronze-coloured clear-coated carbon as a gesture to the artist’s favoured material. The vehicle’s lower half is painted in an elegant light brown, “Noix”.



Rembrandt Bugatti’s signature has been lasered onto the fuel cap.

5The “Rembrandt Bugatti” Legend Vitesse is completely upholstered with leather in light brown “Cognac”. The rear centre box between the seats has a striking design. It proudly sports Rembrandt Bugatti’s famous elephant sculpture, the hood ornament of the Type 41 Royale and today is the symbol for both the brand and the Legends series.

6Platinum EB logo on the steering wheel.


Elephant cast in bronze with great technical skill and worked as an insert into the cover of the rear centre box.


Door trimmed with braided leather in the softly contrasting colours of “Cognac” and “Coffee”.


Center console insert in bronze-coloured clear-coated carbon with lettering “Les Légendes de Bugatti”.


Door sill plate displaying the sculptor’s portrait and signature.


Portrait photo Rembrandt Bugatti. Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916) ranks among the most remarkable artistic sculptors of the early 20th century. His artistic passion for animals emerged at an early stage and so he began modelling cows, horses and dogs, and was later inspired by the more exotic forms on display at the zoological gardens in Paris and Antwerp. The First World War drove Rembrandt Bugatti to take his life in Paris in 1916. He was only 31 years old.


Rembrandt’s oeuvre came to include over 300 bronzes, paintings and drawings and even if he created many elephant sculptures, it was this dancing elephant that became perhaps the most recognisable symbol for the Bugatti brand as radiator mascot of the Bugatti Type 41 Royale.


Platinum EB logo at the vehicle’s rear.


By far this has to be my favorite Bugatti with attention to detail and color co-ordination.

You can read more on Bugatti’s website.

All pictures have been supplied by Bugatti.


3 thoughts on “Good News Bad News from Bugatti

  1. Bugatti Ferrari Rolls-Royce Bently.How cool would it be if all these great companies got together and designed one car as per the good old days,19 inch spoked wheels,3 litre engine with a blower,green leather interior,old school chassis,drum brakes and cool body lines much like the Bugatti T64.
    Old school is where these all came from all the new cars are much a much
    like a jelly mold,lets do better find your routes and join forces.
    50-70mph in cool car or 300mph in a Jelly mold.
    I challenge you all to go to the Classic Lemans and live the dream,real cars
    that look ten times better than any car of to-day,much still can be learnt.

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