BURNOUT BAGS from Destroy vs Beauty, Mercedes Benz &amp AMG

The recent news of AMG partnering with Destroy & Beauty hit the mainstream news recently. However, it has been a partnership in the making since 2012 and a recent collaboration with Mercedes McLaren and MIKA HÄKKINEN in Shanghai a couple of months ago firmly put them on the map.902040_654498624589304_325582712_o

McLaren Mercedes and Formula 1 Driver Mika Hakkinen lent their names to a collection of signature bags from design house Destroy vs Beauty at the Shanghai Formula One Grand Prix.


Since then Destroy vs Beauty has launched a collection of bags using the special fabric that has been submitted to burnouts from AMG cars.


Yes, really! Here’s how they do it in pictures, Step 1 – lay the fabric down


Step 2 – Reverse over fabric, switch off traction, and floor the pedal 🙂


Step 3 – Create products out of the leather fabric with the burnout treads


Here’s the making of a video for AMG from 2012. Hard work and perseverance has paid off for the German Destroy vs Beauty team.

By Destroy vs Beauty


The folks at AMG provided the following info on the bags

“At the AMG Driving Academy, participants are involved in the production of these new collection items by doing a “burn out” with an AMG on special material. You can purchase the products at selected AMG Driving Academy events and will also be available in the AMG Showroom in Affalterbach soon.”

Here’s a pic from an AMG event in China.


And a display of the items after your drive


I believe Destroy vs Beauty have missed a revenue generating opportunity for Valentine’s Day as these AMG bags are not available from AMG’s website or Destroy vs Beauty’s. I sent them an email, let’s see what they have to say.



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