New – Ferrari – Red Power



Be part of a dream that only the lucky few dare imagine.

The very soul of Ferrari. The ultimate olfactory expression of affirmation, a charismatic attraction united to the passion for excellence, in the smallest detail. This new Ferrari fragrance confirms the passion for the timeless values that the Prancing Horse brand shares with its connoisseurs and admirers… the great attitude, the natural born elegance and the driving power of a heart-beat that nothing can withstand.


FERRARI RED POWER: the new fragrance dedicated to the authentic Ferrari man. Passionate. Forceful. What he is, he is totally. What he learns, he knows. A natural charmer, he breathes power, independence and strength.

Red Power Making of Video: Watch the making of the commercial

FERRARI RED POWER Driven by Passion.
The first note is a rush of freshness from Calabrian Bergamot and Sicilian blood orange, shifting up a gear with dashes of Lavender and Red Pepper Berries.
The fragrance accelerates through meticulously tuned florals and spices, Violet and Geranium leaves giving way to warm Mediterranean notes of Cardamom and Rosemary.
Little by little the base notes develop their energy, a woody-amber harmony mingling white moss, Tonka Bean, Red Cedar and Patchouli, leaving behind it a sensual, powerfully masculine scent of Latin seduction.


Eau de Toilette: 40, 75 & 125ml / After Shave Splash: 75ml / Deodorant Spray: 150ml / Deodorant stick: 75ml / Shower Gel: 200ml

The new bottle created embodies the passion for perfection and elegance in the clean purity of its shape, the choice of materials and the symbols of exclusivity that reflect the brand’s inimitable Italian style. The clear glass bottle embossed with the silver Prancing Horse and the Ferrari logo is classically proportioned for strength and elegance.
Across it runs a broad strip of soft-touch rubber in the legendary Ferrari red, with the RED POWER name in silver. A final touch of sophistication is the cylindrical brushed steel cap, topped by the silver horse on a red rubber disc.
The box, like a perfect block of brushed steel, is a very masculine statement repeating the FERRARI RED POWER emblems.


via Ferrari – Red Power.

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