A CHRONOGRAPH SIGNED BY ZAGATO AND CHOPARD – 500 pieces rose gold & 500 pieces in steel

From the exclusive partnership between Chopard and luxury automotive designer Zagato, comes the 500-piece limited-edition Mille Miglia Zagato. Since its founding in 1919, Zagato has collaborated with the most prestigious automobile manufacturers, creating icons of the road which have taken home the Mille Miglia trophy in the 1930s and…


The workshop founded in Milan by Ugo Zagato in 1919 has worked with the great automobile manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lancia, Maserati, and, more recently, with Aston Martin, Bentley and the brand that has most helped to build its reputation, Alfa Romeo. A renowned specialist in top-end customized finishing, Zagato has remained an independent family firm – just like Chopard. Zagato’s real specialty, however, has always been the Gran Turismo (GT) automobile category. This is the vocation, combining luxury and high performance sports mechanics, that has provided the inspiration for the Mille Miglia Zagato watch.


Zagato_Grey_CarThe Mille Miglia Zagato watch has been given the exclusive Zagato customization treatment. This is the product of a dialog between the two brands, just like between a bodywork designer and the automobile brand whose frame it builds on. More than a partnership, Zagato and Chopard combined their know-how to create two timepieces. Designers, experts, passionates, Chopard followed on how Zagato draw its automobile, and through Mille Miglia timepieces, personalize the Mille Miglia GMT Chrono.


The letter ”Z” for Zagato is outlined in a delicate technical grey profile on the dial, just like on Zagato radiator grills.


Angular, sharp-featured curves inspired by Zagato bodywork give a sporty character to the watch case.


The strap of the Mille Miglia Zagato watch incorporates bright red topstitching and a hollowed-out central groove, recalling the typical features of Zagato upholstery.


Exclusive, robust and technically impressive, the Mille Miglia Zagato watch is the product of the partnership between Chopard and that legend of Italian automobile design, the bodyshop Zagato. While Chopard takes care of the model’s “performance”, “engine “and “frame”, Zagato helps create its “bodywork”, “interior” and “upholstery”. Much more than an ad hoc collaboration, this limited series is defined by both the Grand Tourismo style of Zagato and the timekeeping discipline of Chopard.


You can find more information at Chopard’s wesbite



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