caddefc6-b358-4de0-8fd9-320beafe344d_BE Charles sofa and Camille sideboardIn May of this year, Bentley announced a partnership with luxury furniture maker, Club House Italia.

Bentley is delighted to announce a partnership with Club House Italia for the development of its new Bentley Home Collection. This exclusive collection of furniture and homeware will combine the finest quality craftsmanship with exquisite modern design and the luxury finishes which underlie Bentley’s renowned global brand.

Stefan Buescher, Director of Product and Marketing, Bentley Motors, said: “For more than 90 years Bentley has produced the world’s finest hand-crafted car interiors – now we are making our approach to luxury available to people’s homes and offices.”

Alberto Vignatelli, the chairman and CEO of Club House Italia, commented: “The collaboration with Bentley will be the perfect union between home collection know-how, high style and fine attention to detail.

“It will guarantee the creation of a haute couture home collection made for a sophisticated and exclusive lifestyle which will appeal to discerning customers who value modern luxury and exquisite craftsmanship.”

e4fca4f1-b19a-4bcd-8c26-284030fdef7d_BE Balmoral table_Diana armchairs and Windsor sofa

A few months later in September, Bentley presented their initial home design and furniture pieces in a dedicated speciality suite at the luxurious hotel The St Regis New York, called the Bentley suite.


The new Bentley Home collection will combine the traditional elan of the British driver’s spirit with a new modern English twist, an approach so superbly articulated in the Bentley suite at the St Regis hotel, New York. There, the combination of traditional and modern reaches a new dimension in the use of leather, precious wood veneers, steel, wool, silk and glass throughout the suite, and the distinctive quality of each object mirrors that of a Bentley model’s performance and luxury core elements.


The suite, debuting in September, will be available starting at $9,500 plus tax per night. Guests will be treated to St. Regis hallmark services including signature St. Regis Butler Service an in-suite champagne bar, and complimentary access to the St. Regis Bentley Mulsanne within a 10-block radius of the hotel. The St. Regis New York will have the first 2013 Bentley Mulsanne in the United States, which has been customized exclusively for the hotel, with a bottle cooler and crystal champagne flutes, St. Regis crests on the headrests and personalized tread plates.


“Visitors will be greeted by a room which bears all the hallmarks of Bentley design values – many of the fittings reflect jewelry features in our cars, and the use of leather and colors convey the special cocooning that drivers and passengers feel when they experience the interior of a Bentley,” said senior Bentley designer Daniele Ceccomori.

“The debut of the Bentley Suite at The St. Regis New York truly brings our global partnership with Bentley Motors to life, exemplifying the heritage and commitment to excellence of both brands,” said Paul James, Global Brand Leader, St. Regis and The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts.

Lindsay Weaver, director of licensing and branded goods, Bentley motors, commented:  “We’re delighted to be partnering with Club House Italia on this exciting new approach to luxury. Both brands have a strong belief in design and share an unrivalled attention to detail – our products will be exquisite.”

5c3d07b6-6558-43cf-9d85-c78b92bd7d67_BE Charles 3 and 4 seater sofa_Charles royce armchairs

Now, October, Bentley lifestyles is proud to present their luxurious furniture offerings with Club House Italia.

The new Bentley Home collection is inspired by the renowned craftsmanship and exquisite materials that characterise the interiors of all Bentley models.  Designed to furnish luxury homes and offices, the collection combines Bentley’s inherent qualities of craftsmanship, heritage and tradition, exclusivity and style, with the exacting design of one of Europe’s leading furniture makers.

e7d84c62-e495-49fb-940a-2b8eeb96b0a6_BE Minster armchair

The bodies of the new Richmond pieces are created with an embracing double shell and can be covered in either leather or a fine veneer of burr walnut. The same wide selection of veneers which is available for Bentley car customers is also available for most pieces in the collection. The wood is then carefully matched to a padded structure covered in a sophisticated light cashmere. The seating reflects the level of comfort and luxury found in the Crewe-based marque, which makes it unique in its class.

9724d210-a65a-48f1-a0f2-8a32b43ffd55_BE Arundel armchair detail

The colour palette is composed of varying neutral tones of ivory and taupe matched with shades of beige and cream. Intricate details such as the leather braid around the contours highlight the soft and sinuous lines. The iconic quilted diamond pattern embossed in the leather interiors of a Bentley has also been interpreted into the unique designs of the furniture.

The new collection consists of the following new pieces:


An elegant and sophisticated line of seating which includes sofas, chaise longues and armchairs. The enveloping external structure can have a veneer finish or leather cover. In contrast, the inner structure is covered in leather or linen or in fine cashmere velvet. The profile is embellished by a leather braid.

67fc8a9a-68b4-4371-a662-f2f162dff4a2_BE Kendal chairs

33b3b75d-d96a-432b-a54c-187c5c14e4f5_BE Kendal chair quilted detail

045331fa-6e32-4b74-a3b9-66fbb482fd5c_BE Richmond chaise longue

f55e77de-c09f-48e8-bb91-968e5faae491_BE Rugby armchairs

Madeley & Kendal

A large oval or round meeting table with refined Kendal chairs embellished with leather and the Bentley logo which can be embroidered on the back, on request. A trapezoidal structured table made of curved wood panels with edges embellished in hand-made leather coating. The feet are made of steel with a gun-metal finish.

a52ba992-3e3c-414e-971f-bbf72c9a7fbf_BE Madeley Chestnut dining table

Sherbourne & Kingsbridge

Tall and short leather-coated cabinets with veneered fronts; these are also available in smooth or quilted leather. Tone-on-tone lacquered interiors with external coatings and shelves of crystal represent the luxury and quality of both Bentley and Club House Italia, part of the Luxury Living Group. The handles and feet are also made from steel with a complementing gun-metal grey finish.

b486a71f-b082-4be8-a749-2f6ff39b1bb4_BE Kingsbridge cabinet open

69e3775f-b54c-462c-a03a-a17e78ad1d7a_BE Sherbourne sideboard detail


A modern coffee table with metal steel structure and a complimentary gun-metal grey finish. The surface is made from onyx or leather coated.

0874d0b1-1455-46e2-9358-5954fab5dd80_BE Harlow coffee tables

83a7d51d-bcc5-4861-bb8b-b5e91cff7a78_BE Harlow coffee table Calacatta marble


The bed is characterised by an imposing headboard, embracing coated structure available in leather or fabric. The shapes are soft and convoluted, working in harmony with the contemporary and informal line. An innovative duvet cover, Fibra di Legno®, is a high-quality fabric made from wood pulp that gives the yarn softness and smoothness, adding to the luxurious feel of this piece.

9869d7c7-b811-44e6-87b7-61bff06ff746_BE Canterbury bed 1

f63096eb-5b2e-4203-a385-b2b449f5b9fd_BE Canterbury bed 2



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