“McLaren” TAG Heuer 50th Anniversary Watch – the Last One from Jack Heuer

The allure of a watch that is tied to a racing manufacturer brings further intrigue to the wrist. A water cooler show and tell or admiration at a race meet makes the wearer feel confident about his decision to purchase a special piece of motor sporting history.

Here’s a great example of one such model produced by TAG Heuer, who have been synonymous with motor racing for many years. It just so happens that the Carrera 1887 is celebrating it’s 50 years, launched in 1963, and so is McLaren Racing Ltd.


TAG Heuer pays tribute to McLaren’s 50 years of racing by developing a limited edition of 50 highly exclusive ‘McLaren50 by TAG Heuer’ watches as worn of Martin Whitmarsh, Jenson Button and Sergio Perez at the last Italian Grand Prix.


This stunning chronograph watch features the McLaren50 logo in heritage orange on a window of the rear case that gives sight to the sophisticated movement and each watch is numbered uniquely.

Available at the McLaren Store;

“McLaren” TAG Heuer 50th Anniversary Watch at McLaren Store

Jack Heuer explains the Heuer Carrera on the following video link; Jack Heuer Explains The Heuer Carrera.

Jack Heuer is the honorary chairman of TAG Heuer, and former owner and CEO. Under Jack’s direction, Heuer created some of the most important sport watches of the 20th century. In this exclusive video, he tells us exactly why he he designed it the way he did, and he gives us a look at the brand new 50th anniversary Carrera. This will be his last “baby” that he will design (not the McLaren version) but the original Carrera. See the video.

Lastly I found this exciting video montage by the SuperMafia VJs commemorating  TAG Heuer Carrera’s 50th anniversary with a McLaren enjoy the video; TAG HEUER CARRERA 50TH ANNIVERSARY MAPPING ON A MCLAREN


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